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August 2023
Aug 27, 2023
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Global Network Degraded


Resolved Aug 27 at 02:30am CEST

The issues have been resolved, a detailed statement can be found below:

At 00:00 local time in Amsterdam, we identified widespread network problems. Upon conducting a thorough investigation, we noticed that these issues were isolated to the Amsterdam Location. Once this isolation was known, our immediate actions involved troubleshooting network configurations within our core routers. Simultaneously, we engaged in discussions with our upstream providers to ascertain the presence of any pote...

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Aug 13, 2023
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Hardware replacement AMS-03 VPS Node


Resolved Aug 13 at 11:30am CEST

Due to ongoing issues with the current hardware, we will be performing hardware changes for the VPS Node AMS03.

July 2023
Jul 25, 2023
1 incident

Network Issues New York


Resolved Jul 25 at 11:25am CEST

The emergency maintenance at the upstream provider has been completed.

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Jul 19, 2023
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Emergency maintenance on VPS-02 and VPS-03


Resolved Jul 19 at 12:19am CEST

We have managed to recover both raid arrays and the servers are back online

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Jul 16, 2023
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Amsterdam POP network upgrades


Resolved Jul 16 at 09:00am CEST

We will be upgrading our Amsterdam core network, we will be adding a lot of additional capacity and will perform route changes which will lower latency.

This upgrade is also a fundamental part of our new additional DDoS Protection systems, we do not expect any downtime but some packet loss might occur.

Maintenance window start: 09:00am CEST
Maintenance window end: 20:00pm CEST

Jul 10, 2023
1 incident

NY Network issues


Resolved Jul 13 at 06:33am CEST

All services are operational again in New York, we will be closely monitoring to make sure that everything keeps working as expected and we will be looking into our options in regard to the issue in general, we will also be closely reviewing if the steps taken by the datacenter are within guidelines.

We will provide a detailed statement later on regarding our future steps we will be taking.

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June 2023
Jun 18, 2023
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VPS Node-3 maintenance


Resolved Jun 18 at 12:00am CEST

We will be performing Emergency Maintenance on VPS-03, the downtime will be around 30 minutes.

All vpsses will be gracefully shutdown before the maintenance and started again automatically after the maintenance.