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Network upgrades Amsterdam

Oct 03 at 03:30pm CEST  –  Oct 04 at 03:30pm CEST
Affected services
Equinix AM5 - Amsterdam

Oct 04 at 10:58pm CEST

This maintenance has been fully completed after monitoring the network for 24 hours making sure that it is fully stable.

Oct 03 at 04:11pm CEST

The transit upgrades have mostly been completed, working on upgrading IX ports now.

Oct 03 at 03:45pm CEST

The issues with the effected routes has been resolved

Oct 03 at 03:41pm CEST

Some routes are experiencing issues, this is being investigated

Oct 03 at 03:30pm CEST

We will be performing network upgrades on the 3rd of October, these upgrades include:
Updating firmware on core network devices
Upgrading IX Ports (capacity)
Upgrading transit ports (capacity)
Improving stability and redundancy
Future-proofing the network

We do not expect any downtime while this is ongoing, if you have any questions regarding the maintenance please reach out through a ticket on our website